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8 main interior design mistakes

Some people trust the arrangement of the house to a specialist, while others try to build their fortress themselves. What to do to make your home cozy and spread good energy?

  • Mistake No.1 – a plethora of furniture and things

Of course there will be those who would happily live among the empty walls. However, most of us love to fill the emptiness by collecting a lot of relics around us, which are then difficult to get rid of. When you find yourself in an interior grocery store, remember that you home needs only beautiful but functional things.

Interior design has nothing to do with turning the living space into junk storage, where movement is marked by the bruises on your feet. Just a sign that the gadget is beautiful for you is not a reason to take it to your home. All the furniture should be as functional as possible. Learn in right way to keep things that you do not constantly need, and even more importantly, say goodbye to the interior details that you have not used for more than a year.

Pictures on the walls, photos on the chest of drawers and fireplace, napkins, candlesticks, vases, cushions, flower pots … Hardly you will rest in such house. So, it’s unlikely that a second coffee table, a small extra sofa, a chair for the feet and similar interior details will help you to maintain the peace of mind.
  • Mistake No.2 – artificial flowers         

Decorators and interior designers have come up with quite a lot of ways to quickly and originally decorate an apartment. However, no professional will recommend you to bring home the dry flowers or artificial flowers. Even if something dry, standing in a dusty vase you call as a composition, it does not decorate your home at all. Dry flowers energy worsen the environment at home. But the live flowers and indoor plants are another matter! They carry renewal and infect positive energy.

For those who do not care about potted indoor plants, and the regular purchase of fresh flower bouquets, it is recommend to decorate a house with a glass of fresh lemons or oranges. Fresh fruits will bring not only live colors but also delicate aromas to your home.
  • Mistake No.3 – too much colors

For those who are planning to do repairs or want to give colors to the current interior, it is advisable not to use many colors. If you have already decided to make your living space colorful, make it very deliberate. Designers and decorators insist: the same principle applies to the interior, as for clothing: no more than three colors! As soon as the colors appear more, your outfit, as well as the interior, turns into something insane without taste (in most cases).

It is worthwhile to note that the “color” is not only the choice of the color you use to paint the room’s walls. Color accents may also be unsuccessful – the same sofa cushions, napkins on the coffee table, the color of the tablecloth or even the plant pots. These “drops at sea” have to interconnect and complement each other, rather than overlapping each other with the intensity of the tone.
  • Mistake No.4 – too many styles

Before setting up a pink fuzzy seat on a minimalist room, think about how it looks. Any interior has to tie on one-style offers. First, find out who’s closest to you – English classics or high tech, country or Provencal style.

In the worst case, you can name your interior an eclectic one. Eclecticism means mixing styles. But here, too, you will not run without connecting thread: for the interior to look like a whole, you will need to be oriented into a single color gamut or patterns. Interior design and renovation require complex solutions. By choosing fashionable wallpaper with pattern, decide on the color and style of furniture, flooring and other interior objects.
  • Mistake No.5 – red color

Love for red color is no reason to let it into your house. It is a very active, even aggressive color, which quickly bother and is able to wear and oppress the environment. Interior designers and decorators recommend several options for allowing the red to the interior. But better abandon the red walls, use red and its shades as additional accents: in your interior, the red vase will be like red lipstick for your image.

By the way, this principle also applies to other vivid colors. For life, calm shades are more suitable. When choosing a color gamut for the interior, focus on natural colors – brown, blue, green.
  • Mistake No.6 – house of Barbie

Fluffy, pink, glossy, sweet, soft – these epithets of the life of dolls, unfortunately, do not decorate a real home. Educate your taste: abundance of crystals, bedding with “roses”, pillow-hearts and similar beauties leave for teenage girls.

Gentleness and intimacy in the interior can be created with other decorator tricks, for example, using silk and velvet, warm color gamut, dimmed light. An example of this is the oriental-style interior of the room. Particular attention deserves the interior of the bedroom. Create a sexy interior or make the bedroom a complete relaxation space. The most important thing is that it would not looks like Barbie’s home.
  • Mistake No.7 – the kingdom of mirrors

The abundance of mirrors in the interior is a sign of bad taste. Mirrored cabinets, walls, ceilings are already not fashionable, and it is still dangerous. Mirrors create tension in the room, because they reflect the energy of all people, things that are seen in them. In addition, the mirror in front of the bed is one of the reasons why you feel as if broken in the morning. Therefore, if you are still thinking of buying a cabinet with sliding mirror doors, you better refuse this idea.

The mirror surfaces in the bathroom also require attention and moderation. The mirror in the bathroom must be hinged in a comfortable place for all family members, be well lit and be the best if it is the only room. Do you need another mirror? Go for   a miniature double-sided version with magnifying glass.
  • Mistake No.8 – everything is too compatible

You tried to get rid of everything that made you annoyed, you picked up the colors of the walls, curtains and upholstery, and finally you have an interior that you want to somehow upgrade again? Be aware that sometimes even errors are better than complete sterility. Interior decorators are convinced that their work must first of all have a positive effect on the emotional state of the human being. This is even more important than comfort; after all, an extremely functional but insanely boring interior can spark depression.

And if you had a fantastic idea on your head – to create an interior from the picture of the furniture catalog – stop. This “ideal world” was invented not for life, it was created entirely to inspire you for a small furniture’s move.


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