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What interior design style is better suitable for your kitchen?

A professionally equipped kitchen is a well-defined space where it is convenient to prepare food, gather the whole family for a breakfast or dinner table, and host guests.

Depending on the size of the room, a separate kitchen or kitchen connected to the living room or dining room can be created. Modern decoration materials, kitchen furniture, appliances and equipment allow you to create the loveliest interior. The most popular kitchen styles are classic, rustic, modern and technological.

Classical style kitchen design

Classical kitchen is characterized by elegant simplicity, laconic geometric shapes, restraint without unnecessary details, a neutral color range, quality materials and stylish accessories. Such a kitchen is relevant at all times, no matter how many choices there are. Of course, over the years, the shapes change somewhat, new elements appear, designers’ solutions become more courageous and more modern. But classics remain classic – the main features of it remain and guarantee the demand for kitchen sets of this style.

Classic kitchen furniture is loved by a large variety of shapes and materials and natural calm colors such as walnut, cherry, alder, chestnut, oak, etc. Preference is given to natural wood, while to save help furniture made from wood fibers or particle boards. Classic cabinets, a genuine masterpiece of kitchen furniture, blend harmoniously into any style. It is precisely that they and fitted accessories give the cuisine finality. Such furniture will look stylish and modern in 10 years, because the classic is immortal. And the furniture made from natural wood is solid and reliable.

Country style kitchen

The atmosphere of home comfort is probably most created by the rural style. It is not necessary to directly understand the word “country”. This style of cuisine looks great both in the country house and in the modern city apartment. In the country style kitchen, light pastel tones and natural materials reign: wooden unpainted floors and doors, decorative plaster walls, linen curtains in the summer, and woolen in the winter to the window sills.

Furniture is made of natural wood, say, oak or pine. These may include cupboards with the doors open to the both sides, open shelves for clay dishes, copper pots and other gadgets. In such kitchen look good benches, antique stools and even wicker furniture. Arrange a table covered with white tablecloth and decorate a vase with fruits, live or dried flowers. And over the table there is a hanging chandelier. Here the ancient chest even finds its place.

Modern style kitchen

Modern styles, which are characterized by simple shapes and functionality, attract more and more fans. Although the kitchen, which is equipped with a modern style often looks rather strict and laconic, it is incredibly comfortable and cozy – it is one of the main features of this style.

Here is a carefully planned space, optimal layout of ergonomic kitchen sets, appliances and other interior elements. Modern kitchen sets reflect the variety of shapes, materials and colors. Furniture lines – precise and diverse. In terms of materials, it can be wood, but without carvings and similar decorations, metal products and details are often used, including chromed, eternal plastic and, of course, glass: overheated, semi-transparent or matte.  It makes the kitchen open, refined and elegant.

For a decade, interior designers have chosen a neutral white color for the kitchen as a calm and elegant background. White not only looks sophisticated, but also allows you to use a multitude of colored accents that make the space vibrant and gorgeous. Over the past few years, the color gamut has started to change and the gray color finds its place. In the near future, the kitchen will be conquered by aristocratic black. Not yet prepared for such radical changes, people can use a black color by picking up black decor elements, individual furniture, black dining chairs to match white cabinets. The interiors have already been able to fit both glossy and matte sets of bright colors. In this case, the walls, floors and ceilings should be of neutral shades, as well as do not multiply the decorative elements.

Techno style kitchen

The new technology and minimalism reigns in this style of kitchen, with a strict respect for proportions and maximum use of space. This kitchen is stylish, comfortable and practical.

This style is suitable for those people who admire smooth glossy surfaces in an ideal order and do not like cute little things in open shelves. The main features of such a kitchen are the ergonomics and functionality of the interior elements, the ideal space division and a lot of open spaces. And, as the name implies, in the kitchen, new technologies must be applied everywhere – from the kitchen set to the wonders of the home appliances.

Furniture of this style is usually made of metal, glass, plastic – the modern materials, which are characterized by strength, resistance and, of course, durability. The surfaces are extremely smooth, often glossy and visually increase the space. The interior laconism is emphasized by the selected shades: the most popular color of the kitchen is the metal, with one or two sharper colors, but no more. The theme of metallic accents is continuing the warm golden, copper and bronze shades – they gradually take over the silver and chrome.

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