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Vegetable Fruits

My son-in-law who’s driving our family service van and I happened to pass by an acre of vegetable fruits plantation like tomatoes, okra, beans, bell pepper, among others.

I met a 40-year old caretaker, Odum and his wife who were harvesting the tomatoes. Almon, my son-in-law bought a full medium plastic bag of tomatoes with a very cheap price.

Okra Plantation

You can see a vast portion of the land is planted with okra which is already bearing flowers and fruits.

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Okra flower and fruits

Okra is a good source of potassium, vitamin B, vitamin C, folic acid, and calcium. Its pods are eaten raw, steamed, cooked, or fried, or included in stews and soups.

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Acre of veggies fruits plantation

This acre of land is planted with beans, okra, bell pepper, and tomatoes.

  1. That would produce a lot of veggies and fruits! We grow a lot of beans, peppers, and tomatoes here, too. However, by ‘a lot’, I mean that we usually have one 20 foot row of beans, a dozen tomato plants, and maybe 10 pepper plants. Of course, we also grow other things; lettuce, chard, beets, eggplants, cantaloupe, cucumbers, squash, carrots, pumpkins, and so forth.

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Green Bell Pepper

Green bell peppers (unripe) are rich sources of antioxidants and vitamin C.

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Red Bell Pepper (Ripe)

In red bell pepper. the level of carotene and lycopene is nine times higher than in green bell peppers. Red bell peppers have twice the vitamin C content of green bell peppers.

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Written by Gil Camporazo

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          • Thank you. I’ve been gardening for about a half century and I’m the groundskeeper at church, mostly tending the flower beds.

            The snow can fool people, though. Last year, snowfall records were broken all over Montana. When it started warming up, there was more snow on the ground than ever recorded. The problem is that when it started warming up, it got hot and dry all at once. That happens now and then but with all the snow melting rapidly, the grass and weeds grew very well, then they all dried out. Lightning caused fires started up and caught large sections of forest on fire. It was a dry summer, so it went from bad to worse. By the time cool, wet weather arrived (early, thank God), 9 million acres of forest had burned.

            So the snow we have and will be getting is a good sign, provided we have an average spring and summer.


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