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Swedish chocolate and charity

Sweet tooth, ay! Would you like to visit Sweden and enjoy the indescribable taste of chocolate? There are some possible options.

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If Gothenburg will be on your way, it’s a terrific chance for you to make a stopover at one of Kanold company shops or cafes. They sell delicious chocolates and other confectionery products.

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By the way, Kanold chocolate is available in the form of a chocolate telegram. Each time you order and pay such telegram, your money are fund to different charities, for example to the Swedish Heart-Lung Foundation.

The very first chocolate telegram was sent by the King Gustav V. The current King of Sweden Carl XVI Gustaf is also involved in this charitable program.

How to send chocolate telegram.

Go to Stockholm? Pralinhuset (Stockholm house of chocolate) is calling!

This is a magic place where you can sample super delicious confectionery. The seductive aroma of chocolate will definitely entice you there.

Your wildest and fun chocolate dreams will come true in Pralinhuset. For example, let’s look at these edible dog, frog and rabbit.

Also see the video about Pralinhuset.

Confectionery wonders are not over yet! Wait for autumn and welcome to Gothenburg Chocolate, Liquorice & Delicacy Festival (Eriksbergshallen, 7-9 September 2018) and Bak- & Chokladfestivalen in Stockholm (Stockholmsmässan, 11-14 October 2018). A lot of useful information about top quality chocolate, meetings and talks with experts is very difficult, but such a tasty profession, degustation of pralines, cookies, cakes… and many other delicious things.

Those who are on a diet  – give it up for a day & start to starve a week later. What pleasant memories you will get instead!


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  1. Thank you for sharing! I have actually never tried Swedish chocolate, but wouldn’t mind it. I would be open to doing the telegram, but not sure if they would ship to Chicago.

  2. The pictures are amazing, the chocolate looks well, whatever is beyond amazing. Thank you so much for sharing about the chocolate telegraph, that is a brilliant idea!!!