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Sesame Seeds For A Better Mood

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Sesame seeds are a powerful plant-based mood-boosting and stress-relieving food. They are rich in tryptophan, protein, vitamin B1, and minerals like iron, zinc, magnesium and calcium – nutrients associated with muscle and nerve function. While deficiency of vitamin B1 and magnesium leads to muscle spasms, moodiness, and depression, zinc and iron can enhance the effectiveness of antidepressant therapy. In addition, tryptophan is an essential amino acid that increases serotonin.

You can add sesame seeds to any dish or dessert, but since they may remain undigested, it’s better to grind them, or use tahini (ground sesame seed paste) as a dip or toast spread.

I love using tahini in my homemade desserts. It’s great in both raw desserts and baked goods. You can find a variety of dessert recipes on my blog.


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