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Mum & the Black bird

This my Mum a while ago in Royal Oak, Auckland. Mum had green fingers and loved the garden.

After she ate her banana as part of her lunch, she hurried it in the garden as it is great for the garden.

This Black bird watched Mum with great interest. With a twinkle in its eye. He waited until Mum went inside.

Mum was a tidy person was disgusted to find the banana skin out on the ground, so she hurried it again.

The Blackbird smiled and waited until Mum went inside.

Mum then knew it was waiting for her to bury it again, which it knew Mum was a very tidy person.

Mum as all Mum’s are, is a very much loved person. She passed away in November 2013. What actually killed her in my view was the outcome of osteoporosis. Often what happens to small boned people in older age. She was in her late 80s .

#1 Mum & her garden

Mum always had her garden was fresh & bright

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#2 Black bird

Waiting to dig up Mum's hurried banana skin

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