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Saturday's Critters _ Relations between Sparrow & Blackbird

Here in my back yard I see the behaviour between birds in my backyard. These were taken in 2016 in January. 

I get used to seeing the same birds and they become like friends even though they do put their droppings on the car.

Here are some shots which show the characters of these birds. Every one is unique and different.

A story about the food chain of Sparrow and Blackbird.

#1 Sparrow on its own looking hungry

Its sitting on the end of bamboo which was put up by Rai for climbing beans.

#2 Black bird on Bamboo

It is surveying the area, for dinner.

#3 A Sparrow watches behind a Blackbird

Don't believe the Blackbird is unaware of the sparrow he sees as a pest.

#4 Confrontation

The Blackbird lets the pest Sparrow have it with both barrels.

Don't worry the sparrow is going to be OK and will get away with a crumb that this Blackbird missed.

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