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Mocha Affogato Al Caffe

Monday, 7.31.17, the last day of July. Time is flying by fast.

When I was internet surfing, I came across the Italian dessert Affogato Al Caffe, and I learned the exact way of doing it, which is similar to the way they do it in French movies. But on the internet, you have seen it done in different ways by different people. So, in the post, I decided to compare the difference between Italian Dessert, The American Version, and My Vegan Version.

#1 Affogato Al Caffe–Italian Dessert

While browsing on the internet, I recently found the exact way of making this Italian dessert. The site states that you should use clear glass. Place one scoop of vanilla ice cream in this clear glass. And, then pour hot espresso over it, and watch the ice cream melt to create a light brown, café latte color. I always use a cup or a bowl. But the next time I do it, I will also use a clear glass. I do have a clear glass cup that I can use.

(This photograph was taken in the front of Venezian Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, which is actually the American version of Venice, Italy). 

#2 The 3rd Version–My Version

Affogato Al Caffe—My Vegan Version—Mocha Affogato Al Caffe

But, anyway, today I decided to make a different version of Affogato Al Caffe with one scoop of vegan chocolate, which is made from coconut milk. When I drank it, it tasted very mocha because I tasted a dark chocolate flavor from the vegan chocolate and espresso combination. The third version is my version, which involves adding one scoop of vegan ice cream. Sometimes, I use vegan vanilla, and sometimes I use other flavors. This week, I decided to buy vegan chocolate, and I created my Mocha Affogato Al Caffe or Mocha Cafe. 

Which version do you prefer?

(This photograph is just one of the coffee drinks I made at home, which looks kind of messy and sloppy, and it involved using a stovetop Moka, manual milk frother to make the foam for my vegetarian cappuccino drink, and cinnamon).

#4 American Version

Affogato Al Caffe—American Version

The site also states that you can add garnish, such as whipped cream and a cherry or cookie on top, but it will be American. Americans usually like to add various toppings to dress up or decorate their coffee drinks and ice cream desserts. Italians just use espresso and one scoop of vanilla ice cream without any garnish. 

Interesting… today, I learned the difference between an Italian dessert and the American version, although I used to think that this dessert was French because I first saw it in a French movie. What would we do without the internet these days? We are learning something new every day. I do have some whipped cream and cherries this week. So, tomorrow, I might try the American version for fun, but in a clear glass cup.

(This photograph was taken at Veggie Grill, across the street from my townhouse).


What do you think?

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  1. today, i did make the american version, with espresso, 1 scoop of vegan chocolate ice cream, some whipped cream–which is actually vegetarian, some cinnamon sprinkled on top, and a cherry. it was good, like those gourmet coffee drinks in a coffee shop.

    • the number 3 photo was taken at the spring garden show this year, at one of the outdoor living space models. but i thought i placed it here as the first photo.