The 3rd Version–My Version (2/4)

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Affogato Al Caffe—My Vegan Version—Mocha Affogato Al Caffe

But, anyway, today I decided to make a different version of Affogato Al Caffe with one scoop of vegan chocolate, which is made from coconut milk. When I drank it, it tasted very mocha because I tasted a dark chocolate flavor from the vegan chocolate and espresso combination. The third version is my version, which involves adding one scoop of vegan ice cream. Sometimes, I use vegan vanilla, and sometimes I use other flavors. This week, I decided to buy vegan chocolate, and I created my Mocha Affogato Al Caffe or Mocha Cafe. 

Which version do you prefer?

(This photograph is just one of the coffee drinks I made at home, which looks kind of messy and sloppy, and it involved using a stovetop Moka, manual milk frother to make the foam for my vegetarian cappuccino drink, and cinnamon).

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