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Affogato Al Caffe—American Version

The site also states that you can add garnish, such as whipped cream and a cherry or cookie on top, but it will be American. Americans usually like to add various toppings to dress up or decorate their coffee drinks and ice cream desserts. Italians just use espresso and one scoop of vanilla ice cream without any garnish. 

Interesting… today, I learned the difference between an Italian dessert and the American version, although I used to think that this dessert was French because I first saw it in a French movie. What would we do without the internet these days? We are learning something new every day. I do have some whipped cream and cherries this week. So, tomorrow, I might try the American version for fun, but in a clear glass cup.

(This photograph was taken at Veggie Grill, across the street from my townhouse).

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