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Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays, dear friends!

Here’s a delicious stollen I made for Christmas Eve. In Bulgaria, December 24 is the last day of the Christmas fast and even though most people don’t fast, all the dishes at the dinner are made without animal products. That’s why I made this Christmas bread without using animal products. I got inspired by this recipe, but I made some changes, and I also used einkorn flour instead. I have talked about einkorn flour before, it’s an ancient type of wheat and it’s supposed to be a little bit healthier. The recipe turned out really good. How are you celebrating the holidays?

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  1. Looks lovely. Christmas is very hot in New Zealand and Stollen looks great, but in NZ its a good time to eat more of salads than bread because it gets hot and humid.
    I love the Stollen, it looks delicious.

    • Thank you very much, Pamela! I hope you had wonderful holidays. I wish I’d be able to experience the summer Christmas at least once and decorate my Christmas tree with flowers.

    • I guess every country has some type of Christmas bread with dried fruit and nuts. This is the German version, it’s a bit denser than cake. Merry Christmas!