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Made by me -07-05-2020 Traditions in Bulgaria

On May 6 in my country we celebrate St. George’s Day. St. George’s Day is one of the most beloved spring holidays, as it marks the beginning of spring. It is associated with the awakening of nature and the greening of forests and meadows that saturate the air with the aroma of flowers, herbs and herbs.

According to the old Bulgarian tradition of St. George’s Day, a lamb is roasted in every home and the whole family gathers around the festive table. It is obligatory for the sofra to attend the ritual bread, but it is good to have more lamb liver sarma, dairy products, green onions, fresh garlic, boiled wheat, banitsa and wine. In addition, dairy products should not be lent.

According to an old Bulgarian tradition, the lamb, which is the first male born during the year and most often white in color, is slaughtered next to the east wall of the house or in a sacred place called a consecration place. Before that, he is given green grass to feed the animals and salt nearby to keep everyone sated, trimmed with a wreath of herbs and a candle attached to his horns. His blood is smeared on the cheeks of the children to keep them healthy, and the rest is poured into running water so as not to cut the bereket in the house.

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I present you two pictures from the table for this Bulgarian holiday.


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    • With us, this holiday is always celebrated, as I recall on May 6th. See what information I found on this occasion: the Romanian, Greek, Cypriot and other Orthodox churches celebrate St. Georgi on April 23 in a new style, not like in our country on May 6 in the old style. I was interested in the difference in dates.

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