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Dairy Star: Where Christians, Muslims and Jews gather for ice cream

                                                           Sign at Dairy Star (2014-08-13 20-43-50a)

                                                      Customers at Dairy Star (2014-08-13 20-44-46a)

Dairy Star is a nice little ice cream stand located at 3472 West Devon Avenue in Lincolnwood, Illinois, a suburb on the northern border of Chicago. They have the best soft serve ice cream in the area. The neighborhood is predominantly Jewish and the ice cream they serve is kosher. However, that means that it is also halal which draws the Muslims who also live in the area. The Christians just like the ice cream.

On summer nights you will see Orthodox Jewish families enjoying their cones, sundaes or whatever next to a table of Muslims in traditional dress. Everyone gets along. It’s better than the United Nations and there’s ice cream. Very good ice cream.

Photos © 2014 Gary J. Sibio. All rights reserved.


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