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Tips for the best bathroom lighting solution

In the design of a multifunctional room, like a bathroom, every element is important, every participant in the interior. The organization of the lighting system is not the last place in the list of necessary works when repairing this room. It depends on bathroom space size, the distribution of its functional segments, the chosen bathroom’s interior color and many other criteria what the lighting to choose, but still you can choose a lot of options for combining different lighting devices.

Built-in lamps, wall sconces, small chandeliers or luxurious suspended lighting fixtures with many decorative elements – which of these options will you choose?

Criteria for choosing bathroom lighting

The special microclimate of the premises for water and sanitary and hygienic procedures imposes certain criteria on the choice of lighting devices for it. High humidity and temperature changes affect all surfaces. But it can be said quite definitely – in the bathroom the lighting should be more intensive and more extensive than in all other rooms of the dwelling. Even in a small bathroom it is impossible to do without just one ceiling lamp or a pair of wall sconces in the mirror area – a systematic approach is necessary.

The combination of high humidity and electricity presents serious consequences for improper operation. In order to ensure a high level of electrical safety of the bathroom, it is necessary to pay attention to the marking of all lighting fixtures. The first digit in the marking indicates the resistance to dust, the second – to moisture. For household use, the second digit must be greater than the first (for marking from 1 to 4, it is advisable to select the largest digit).,mwze

Obviously, the selected lighting devices, in addition to their technological qualities, must also correspond to the interior of the bathroom – stylistic design, color palette, room dimensions. And most importantly – the acquired luminaire in the complex should provide the necessary level of illumination of the room.

Depending in which functional segment the lighting device is in, it should simply provide illumination: around the perimeter of the room or certain areas, furniture or sanitary equipment; general diffuse lighting – for relaxation in a bathtub, hydro box or shower; or to provide a maximum of illumination – in the area of mirrors for applying make-up, creating hair dress or carrying out other procedures.

So, the choice of lighting for the bathroom will be influenced by the following factors:

  • Room dimensions and ceiling height;
  • The power of the lighting fixtures can be chosen with the possibility of adjustment – the instrument can be equipped with a remote control or a regular luminaire is equipped with a dimmer instead of a switch;
  • The choice of lighting devices is influenced by the color palette of the interior – for light, white surfaces that perfectly reflect light, smaller lamps will be needed than for decorating the bathroom in dark colors;
  • The number of mirror surfaces also influences the choice of the power of lighting devices;
  • If lamps with decorative hanging elements are chosen, then it is necessary to take into account the play of light and shadows from such decorations on the surfaces of the room.

Variants of combination of lamps of various modifications

Only at first glance it may seem that there are few options for choosing luminaires for the bathroom – hanging or built-in lighting fixtures. In fact, there are a lot of ways to combine luminaires – modern manufacturers offer us a rich choice of lighting equipment for power, ways to attach to surfaces, design, shape and size, the materials used, not to mention a wide range of stylistic variations.

In the bathrooms of a modern style, high-tech style or even minimalism, you can often find the use of ribbon lighting of various surfaces. LED stripes are located along the perimeter of the ceiling, the floor, around the mirrors, at the bottom of the sinks or storage systems located under it. Back light can be used to highlight certain functional segments and individual elements of the interior, visually change the image of the room – to increase its volume, the height of the ceiling.

In some cases, it is advisable to use color illumination, often with the ability to control the change in hue. In such a bathroom, in addition to water and sanitation procedures, the owners benefit from the use of color therapy – each shade is responsible for a certain emotional state – relaxation, tone, vivacity, optimistic mood, general favorable background.

The use of built-in lamps is a popular way of creating lighting in a modern bathroom. The convenience of hidden lighting devices is that the humidity is subjected to the smallest part to the entire device. Built-in lamps can be conveniently mounted in suspended ceilings, creating different niches from moisture-resistant plasterboard and other modern materials.

One of the most important moments in creating the necessary level of illumination of the bathroom is the high-quality illumination of the mirrors located above the sink. The most common way to illuminate this functional area is the use of wall sconces of various modifications.

Another option of lamps for lighting mirrors – suspension models. The instruments are fixed to the ceiling and hang over the mirror at a level that will be optimal for maximum illumination of the mirror surface. This option is suitable for those who do not want to drill holes in mirrors that occupy the entire surface above the sink.

With the help of modern tools it is not difficult to create a wall bracket fastening directly to the mirror surface. It is especially relevant for small spaces of bathrooms where the mirror occupy the whole space above the sink. On sale there are both ready-made combinations of mirrors with a lamp, and possible options for combining. If it is necessary to drill holes in the mirror surface, then it is better to entrust such an installation of lighting devices to specialists.

In addition to the original appearance, the type of composition of the mirror and built-in lamp allows you to make makeup, hair and other procedures at a high level of illumination.

A beautiful and even luxurious chandelier in the bathroom is not a myth, but a very likely reality. If the bathroom is a fairly spacious room with a high ceiling, why not bring a little luxury to its interior by using a beautiful chandelier model with many decorative elements? Moreover, it is possible to find a lighting fixture suitable for the level of moisture resistance in the line of hanging chandeliers of classical and baroque style.

Obviously, all lighting devices, in addition to performing their basic functions, can perform the role of decorative elements. Decoration of the interior, bringing originality to the design of the bathroom due to the use of non-trivial color, textural solutions, choice of material or modification of the device – this task is able to cope not only with design models, but also with mass-produced lighting devices.


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