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#187 Of The 365 Day Photo Challenge: Tuna,Strawberry, and Spinach Salad

This is #187 of the 365 day photo challenge. Anyone can join, just post a photo for 365 days.

This is what I ate for lunch today.I started out with some lettuce at the bottom. Then I added some tuna salad, sliced a strawberry on it, and some spinach. It filled me up, and I was confident I had not over eaten. I think this lunch was Keto friendly. I am finding myself eating slower with less effort since I have been eating this way. Keto is about putting your body into ketosis. Eating higher proteins and less carbs help the Keto lifestyle to  work for many concerned  about their weight, or just want to live a healthy lifestyle. 

Click here to understand more about the Keto diet


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