FALL Fashion Classics 2017 for 50+ Women

As I check out this video, I notice that older women in their 50s are more practical, preferring classic pieces. As I get older, I also prefer to wear classic pieces, although I occasionally wear trendy items as an accent because trendy items are fun. But if this woman in this video is in her 50s, I feel too young for the clothes that she picks out because I don’t look her age. But I do have similar items.

  1. Turtlenecks or Mocknecks: Everyone has a couple of these in their wardrobe. They are just classic autumn/winter blouses, mostly worn in a layered outfit.
  2. Pleather leggings or pants: Most people should have one by now because these have been popular since early 2000.
  3. Cable Knit sweater and chunky sweater are another classic sweaters that have been popular for a long time.
  4. Scarves are a popular accessory because they can be worn in many ways, whether you prefer a light fabric scarf or knit chunky scarf.
  5. Quilted puffy vest has been popular since the 70s, and I think I have 2. One is outdoorsy from the 70s, which is very casual, and the other one I have is more stylish, trendy and more recent.
  6. Ponchos have been popular for a while now, and they continue to be popular for autumn, worn in a layered outfit for a warm and cozy appearance.
  7. Field or Military jacket is mostly worn for rainy weather. (I don’t think I have one, but I don’t really need one. I have an umbrella and rain poncho.
  8. khaki pants are classic pants that have been popular for a long time. I think I shrunk mine by accident in the dryer once.
  9. Tote bags are always popular for busy women, and I have many from over the years.
  10. Chelsea boots are ankle boots with elastic on the sides. I don’t think I have one, but I have a couple of boots and booties in different lengths that I like, and I plan to wear them with my outfits this autumn.

You don’t need to shop for anything new this autumn and winter. Just go through your wardrobe and make most of what you currently have to make it work for autumn fashions 2017. Be creative and have fun!


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