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Is the Serena William’s pregnancy photoshoot A STOLEN IDEA?

By now, you’ve probably seen the maternity photoshoot of the talented athlete Serena Williams, shot by Annie Leibovitz for the magazine Vanity Fair and released at the end of June 2017. The photos feature a heavily pregnant Williams posing nude. Many people have been drawing the comparison to Leibovitz’s previous work shot in 1991, of Demi Moore also heavily pregnant and nude.

Serena Williams poses for the cover of Vanity Fair

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One photographer, however, does not believe that Leibovitz drew inspiration from her previous work. He believes her work may have been inspired by his own photography.

“Do you guys think Photographer Annie Lebowitz copied my work with Serena Williams? Or is it just a coincidence? Let me know what you think before I start making some phone calls!” photographer Michael M Law posted on Facebook, with a picture of one of his photos beside the William’s photo.

Leibovitz's work vs. Law's work

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The comments on his post were split down the middle, with some believing his work was definitely plagiarized, and others believing it is just a common maternity shot for any photographer, not just Leibovitz and Law. Leave your opinion below, do you believe Law’s work was plagiarized, or is it just a coincidence?


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  1. It’s a tough one. I’m not sure I like Michael’s attitude with some of his replies – but that is irrelevant. It comes down to whether a ‘pose’ can be copyrighted and whether taking a photo of someone in the same pose is plagiarism.

    Now Annie Leibovitz could have a claim too – he took this photo two years ago – the original by Annie Leibovitz was 20 odd years ago – so didn’t he plagiarize her first?

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