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Silly Photoshop, Tricks Are For …

                                                          “Hit The Brakes!”

… for people who watched too many black and white science fiction flicks maybe.  It’s like being the Ed Wood of after camera digital photography; but, it can’t be helped.  The temptation is just too easily satisfied.

                                                          “Watch Out For That Duck!”

In the tradition of the mythical American Jackalope faking evidence of the whimsical and the absurd is, … well, it’s just funny I guess.

                                                          “Here Comes Treble”

And so they just keep piling up in my photo archives and popping up in social media feeds.

                                                          “ID For this Bird?”

Of course there is a serious or artistic side to “shopping” photos with powerful digital darkroom tools and techniques.  The utilities serve a real purpose and their capabilities are remarkable.

                                                          “Hey, That’s Not Real”

And there are also, and always will be, the Jackalopes.  After all it’s just an entertaining and quirky tradition.

                                                          “Port Townsend Wildlife”

Or just plain silly perhaps.  Cheers to the Gilliumesque photos, the cut-and-paste absurdities, and the playfully useless visual whimsies.  There are many, many more around the corner …


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    • Oh, all right, ….
      That one is an homage to the old 1950’s sci-fi-fi horror flicks. They are so badly done they’re not really scary by today’s standards.

    • I certainly have a bunch … it’s hard to think of stuff to write about them. I’m sure to post more – my track record so far indicates that. …
      Thanks so much! 🙂

    • Everyone is on there … that’s reason enough.
      I’ve never had the success that you have on these platforms but I do miss seeing people …
      Glad to hear that your work is doing well. It certainly is deserved.

    • Thanks – I know some of these are a bit ridiculous. You know as a kid the whole Jackalope thing fascinated me. And then came Monty Python …
      I don’t actually use Photoshop but it’s Photoshop lite I guess.
      My poor cat is a frequent victim. Cheers

    • I have lots. People send me photos to mash up now. I can’t help it. I’m pretty fast but it comes to mind that I’ve too much time on my hands. The Met just released a bunch of images for use and so I put myself in famous paintings. Blame Terry and his cut up pictures – I do.