You Won’t Believe That These Are Actually Drawings, Not Photos!

On first glance, these ones look like good photos. But, in fact they are not. These masterpieces are actually drawn with color pencil. Isn’t that amazing? Photorealistic drawings look unbelievably realistic. Heather Rooney is a girl that has talent for doing this. She is famous on Instagram with her wonderful artwork. When you are browsing her photos, you will be amazed by the energy and ideas that this girl has. Thanks to the social media, she can share her work with the world. Despite getting the fame on Instagram, she has a You tube account where you can see her videos. But these are not ordinary videos at all. You can see how this talented girl draws her masterpieces in time lapse. Everyone can witness the amazing, but tough work that is invested in every single drawing.

The point is to draw realistic images, with shadows and highlights on them. And she does it perfectly. With over 1 million subscribers, Heather has large global audience for her work.

See this amazing gallery and vote for your favorite photorealistic drawing!


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Written by Kristina


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