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Are You Serious Enough to Stop Laughing at These Jokes? (PART 4)

How are you Virilyans? It seems like I miss posting blogs and quizzes at Virily today, only then I found out that I am too busy these days. So I’m back once again to continue blogging, and for this month of February, I’m gonna continue my previous joke series after more than a month of hiatus. So I’m gonna share to you another 10 funny jokes with some quite laughable memes that may help you smile or maybe trying to just make your cheeks do some grins.

So are you ready to check them out? If you are, just scroll down this page and have yourself a good time laughing out some of my shared jokes. 

You also can vote for which of the following jokes you like the most to be seen on the top list on this 4th series.

Hope you will like them more than I do.

Note: All these photos are my own original captions

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#1 I’m sure someone will tweet about this!

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#2 Ants do have family issues!

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#3 How I wish there’ll be no oceangulls!

#4 What would baseball bats say about it?

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#5 A perfect match can light up a fire indeed!

#6 I’m thinking about cows at the moo-sicals!

#7 A racist did something about this!

#8 What a funny way to produce milkshake!

#9 I thought it’s the son!

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#10 What about Galaxy and Milky Way choco bars?


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