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Traf’s Collection of Sarcastic Memes (Series 1)

This is one of my newest blog series that I’m gonna launch today. And guess what? It’s all about ten memes that I’m gonna feature on every series.

These memes may sound sarcastic, and some may need some parental recommendation, others might sound funny or quite witty, but stick to the fact that these are all just for fun.

So are you ready for these 10 memes that I’m gonna feature on my first series? If you are, check them all out and try to cast your votes for your personal faves so that they can be seen on top of the list.

Good luck and may these memes find funny to your taste.


All photos were cropped from Sarcasm Official app. I only get some additional image links for copyrights.

#1 I smell something fishy!

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#2 Truth hurts!

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#5 Seems legit, eh?

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#6 When friends got you spotted!

#8 When bite size is more horrifying than planet sizes!

#9 The art of losing!

#10 I erase the motion…I mean I second the motion 🙂


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Written by Trafalgar Law