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Watch These 10 Scariest Maze Pranks and You’re Gonna Watch This Over and Over Again

This video is a countdown of the 10 funniest prank reactions after these people watched Scary Maze Game. The objective of this game is to guide the dot through the labyrinth on each level without hitting the wall, which gets difficult as you approach nearly at the end. After you reach the finish line, a scary surprise awaits you, but players will expect different — a good reward of course. But they never know, it’s the face of an exorcist person that screams scarily.

Watch this video and I’m sure you can’t give in to watch this over and over again.

Just make sure while watching this prank, you don’t have prob with your heart. If you have prob on it, better not watch this, it’ll make your heart beats fast.

Good luck and please don’t laugh out loud, they might think you’re going crazy. haha



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