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Which Of These Jokes You Wanna See Some Funny Answers? (PART 1)

This is not a personality quiz, but a joke that question you to let you find a curious funny answer.

How to do it? Just choose one out of these 10 jokes, and the funny answer will be seen as a result.

But if you want to see all those funny answers ย from all jokes, you can try the rest of the jokes to see their funny answers too.

So are you ready guys? Check them out now and make sure to cover your mouth with your hands coz these jokes will certainly make you laugh louder (I guess).

Good luck and enjoy!

  • Choose one from these ten jokes and see the funny answers behind as results.

    • Why are frog always happy?
    • Why did the robber wash his clothes?
    • Why are ghosts bad liars?
    • What do cricket players and magicians have in common?
    • Why did the student eat his homework?
    • What type of music do balloons scared of?
    • What did the farmer call the cow that had no milk?
    • Why do pirates take so long to learn the alphabet?
    • What dinosaur is also a police officer?
    • Where do cows go during holidays?

What do you think?

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