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DIY Fidget Spinners

A lot of people are saying they have a long wait to get a fidget spinner. Local stores sell out quickly, and some of the online stores take a month or more to ship the toys once the order is made. That’s a long wait for someone who really wants one!

But did you know you can make your own DIY fidget spinner? There are literally dozens of different ways to make these cool toys, including one where the fidget spinner is made of chocolate! (Maybe that would be a solution for the child who accidentally swallowed the bushing from her fidget spinner?)

If you aren’t very good at waiting, check out this video that shows you three ways to make a fidget spinner from items you have in your home. Some of these just take a couple of minutes to complete and use!


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Written by Blue Sailor


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    • Exactly what I was thinking, Fifi! I think it promotes a certain amount of dexterity and it allows people to enter a calm, meditative frame of mind in stressful or boring settings. It’s very easy to focus and to block out whatever is going on around you when you are spinning a fidget.

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