4 Vegan Snacks Transformed into Meal Ideas

While browsing on Youtube and checking out some videos, I noticed this video on vegan snacks ideas. So, naturally, I decided to check it out for ideas. They all look good, although I think I have already done the first one. And, I have done a vegan cereal, which is similar to the third one. And, I love making raw vegan food dishes in a food processor. So, the fourth one is a dish I will definitely make. Although this video states that these are snacks, I often use snack foods as meals.

  1. Berry/Chocolate Toast looks like a good breakfast, with your choice of hot coffee or tea. This snack can also be made into a sandwich, similar to PB&J, but with different ingredients.
  2. Crispy Vegan Wraps look good. I always make mine raw. I want to try warming it up on the stove because it looks warm and toasty.
  3. Banana/Chocolate Pudding looks like a perfect vegan cereal. I have done vegan cereal ideas which were similar to this pudding idea, but I used different ingredients.
  4. Raw Falafel Mix is made in a food processor, and it is a perfect dip for veggies, chips, and crackers. You can also use the raw falafel mix to make your own raw falafel wrap.


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