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Bracelets I Have Made

I started making friendship bracelets sometime after I graduated High School. Back then there was a trend going on that made these things popular. I actually sold some of my bracelets on Myspace of all places. I miss those days (of actually selling the bracelets). It was not a ton, but there were a handful of people that bought them.

I decided to share pictures of the different bracelets I made before.  I am not trying to sell them, I just wanted to share the photos like I share my photography and artwork.  This is another form of artwork to me.

I haven’t made any bracelets in a few years.  I miss making these really cool (and some intricate) designs.

I would love to know which design is your favorite.


What do you think?

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  1. I did similar bracelets a couple of years ago with that kid’s toy, Rainbow Loom, and youtube demos. Then, when I mastered the Rainbow Loom items, I graduated to yarn and round looms, and I started following youtube demos to loom items with yarn.

    When I was a kid in the 70s, I did very simple friendship bracelets with yarn, which requires using only one knot and fingers. I think it is that eyelet knot, which you keep looping it and watching it grow.

  2. I used to do macrame in my teens, though it was usually bigger pieces and not jewelry. I can imagine it took you hours to make all of these bracelets. It is a great hobby if you enjoy – and even better if you can sell some of the finished work!

  3. Wow those are cool ! Have you tried making the Paracord Bracelets? I see lots of people wearing those now a days. Ive watched some youtube videos and it doesnt look that hard. My hands are just no longer that nimble to attempt making one.

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