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The Diverse Miami of 1990's

At the end of late 1980’s year and start of 1990’s, when the coastal city of Miami was coming out of a high level of financial issues and crime, So, the culture of the region’s diverse and delightful culture has been closed in a new photographic book.

Photographer and filmmaker Berry Louise started arrival in south Florida Miami’s from London at the end of the decade 1980’s, and here he used to make photos of the streets, roads apart from the people.

Due to the problems associated with the drug trade, the problems that Miami’s city was passing through. The book called Miami Beach 1988 to 1995, author and photographer Bill Haze has penned their context. He says that in the middle of the 70’s decade, a local police officer had declared this city as the world’s most dangerous place and a quarter of the deaths in the city were fired by machine guns, and 15% were killed in public places and most of them were related to drugs.

America’s white middle class was in love with cocaine, and 80 % of cocaine were coming to the country from Miami and that’s why there was a war related to its trade again.

Over the time the city’s situation began to improve and -in decade 1990’s Miami Beach began to return to their splendor and delight. The tourists returned,  drive to the Ocean Drive and walking on Washington Avenue, dancing, meeting with Latin Lesbians and gays.

And then Miami’s fashion and design world grew and Party Life was growing automatically, If any business was closed then the nightclub was opened at that place.

In the South Beach’ it Could have been happen anything, you could wear anything, your behavior and your look could have been completely odd and No taste was normal in the good taste.

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