The Danger of Demotivation


When a person is demotivated it is nearly impossible to reactive their interest.   It is like getting a bad meal in a restaurant, or seeing long lines in a bank you thought of joining.   Once you turn and walk out, even being offered a free meal or having the manager of the bank ring you up does not get your custom.

Employers, parents, teachers need to write it on their eye lashes they must avoid demotivation at all costs, for it is nearly irreparable.

Bosses from Hell are the most demotivating. They may have hired an employee who takes his or her work personally one who doesn’t watch the clock and will stay until the job is done.


Once the abuse starts, this employee becomes a clock watcher who couldn’t care less about the job, and is only there for the pay. They might have walked in the door capable of multi-tasking, now it takes them all day to photocopy a few documents.


A person might join a publishing site, and be shooting off article after article, all of high quality, and then, when they aren’t paid or their work is put on slow moderation, or an item is bounced with a false charge of plagiarism they no longer care.

And it won’t be easy, if it is even possible, to get them back.

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