A retired music teacher has a reunion show with his former students

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Robert Moore who was a music teacher that taught 900 students when he was the leader of the Ponca City Chorale of Ponca City Oklahoma had this wish of having a tribute show with the students that he taught music to them by being tougher than nails to his students.

A small group of students that were his former students who went into the entertainment or education business made this deal to give Robert his wish to have a reunion show as a way of thanking him for being their school teacher.

The small group of 300 students managed to rent the Poncan Theatre in Ponca City Oklahoma. The small group of 300 of his former students managed to get Robert out of retirement to be their leader to do a reunion show.

Robert was very happy to lead the singers in a farewell and tribute show since most people who are in a retirement mode need something to challenge them since sitting on the sidelines is no fun if there is not an event to get us motivated to make a difference in the world.

School teachers are like baseball umpires. They seldom if ever get a tribute or a thank you note from the people they people that they meet since the general population take these kinds of professions for granted.


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    • The only times I have ever heard of a teacher getting the love in return from their students came from college football players at awards shows thanking their teachers to mold them into great men on and off the field.