The Real Facts About English as a Second Language Online Industry

Some non-native speakers are willing to spend their time and money for the sake of self-improvement. During the old days, they cannot find ways to practice the speaking skills using English language and that makes them feel frustrated. Most of the non-native speakers seek guidance on how to improve their speaking skills with fluency manner. These students are from Asian countries.

Nowadays, there are so many ESL Online Companies had their chances of catering the needs of non-native speakers. It is a matter of having free registration and undergoes free trial lesson with the virtual teachers online. If they like the lesson, then it is about time for the non-native speakers to choose lesson packages in the company and ready to learn the universal language. It is an easy process and can pay it outright.

Learning online English language can have it through different mediums are as follows:

Mobile App

Some of the quickest and easy ways to learn the English language is by using a mobile app. There are some companies embedded this application in the store, either Android or not. Once the student downloaded the mobile app, then it takes a matter of time to undergo the simple steps in the app to follow. It is also the same process for the aspiring virtual teachers from different countries who can speak English fluently and know the principles in teaching the English context.

Skype or QQ App

For some companies, they can ask the non-native speakers to register through the company’s website and use Skype or QQ to have the lessons. It wasn’t difficult at all. The class will be in two options: video or audio. It differs to non-native speakers’ preference. In the ESL online industry, the non-native speaker’s students are treated like kings and queens. The reason is that they are the primary source of profit.

Other Forms of Software Programs

If the company wanted to rule the business, they tend to create their own software programs. This software programs resemble the usage of video, chat box and virtual lessons are put into one. It is a great software program to control or monitor the lessons between the virtual teachers and the students.


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Written by Steven Gamboa


    • I haven’t heard any companies cater the needs of students who wanted to learn the Russian language. However, I think it is a good business if the country will provide such online teaching.

      It is nice to hear that you had learned Russian. I can speak this language, too. It is a self-taught.

      • I never got good enough at it to speak it. I was trying to take two college semesters in twelve weeks of summer school and the first semester course had a terrible teacher. I only took it because it was a prerequisite for taking Serbo-Croatian, and I knew I’d be marrying a Serb whose family’s first language was Serbo-Croatian. I fear I only learned a bit of that, too.

        • Since I came back in my country, I cannot able practice the language. However, if I still have the chance, I can still pick up the usage of it. The only thing that I can proud of is to write using the Russian characters.

        • It is nice that you learned them by heart. I am quite fascinated learning different languages. I hope I can visit your country. I may learn a lot of things there.

          • I hope you can visit my country someday, too. I live in California. Each of our states is different from every other, so we are more like fifty smaller countries, and between them we have many different kinds of scenery and climates.

        • I wish I can do that, my friend. Some of my relatives are living in LA, California. Unluckily, I wasn’t able to continue my application going to the USA. At some point, I had changed my mind. But still, I wanted to visit your place and rest part of the world.