A school teacher gets a gift from a stranger at a Target store

If there is one line of work that is underpaid and underrated, it is the job of being a school teacher.

A female teacher who was a checkout line at a Target store in Houston Texas this week was surprised that a total stranger named Alberto Martinez assisted her by offering to pay the cashier the bill for school supplies that the female school teacher was going to buy for her students at Lamar Elementary School for the upcoming school year.

Alberto asked the lady who was going to buy the school supplies if she was a school teacher since he figured that since the lady who had a lot of school supplies to give to her students. When she answered that she was a school teacher, Alberto insisted that he would pay the price of the school supplies as a way of thanking the school teacher who has 38 years of teaching experience of molding young minds to be productive adults in the future.

The female teacher told Alberto that in her 38 years of being a school teacher, no one ever wanted to foot the bill of buying school supplies for her students.

Alberto wants to assist the school teacher at Lamar Elementary School since it is evident that the first impressions he gained with the teacher at the Target store was good enough for him to see if he can assist the students in the Houston area to become better students since teachers can use a shot in the arm of funds to have better school supplies and a better salary for the school teachers since their line of work is very hard for one person to tell a bunch of children how to learn the subjects that they are being taught.


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Written by Deepizzaguy

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