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A hero, a mentor, a friend

This is an important post for me. I met a person online many years ago. He was talking to me one day and said “You’re better than that.” I cannot say that I have lived up to his expectations, and I have such respect for the person he is. I would bet my bottom dollar that everyone who has come in contact with this man is a better person, just for knowing him. I think of him often and wonder where he finds all his strength and peace. Maybe it is simply from the love he feels from everyone he has helped over the years.

It’s odd but every time I hear this song. I think of him and it brings tears to my eyes and fills my heart. My batteries are recharged and I am centered, at least for a time.

Listen to the song.

No do me a great favor, find Rex, right here on this site and thank him for a gentle heart, a strong hand, a love beyond measure and an example to us all.


Merry Christmas

Happy New Year

Thank you.


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