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Some Reasons You’re UGLY…Or Will Be SOON!!!

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Hey gentlemen today we’re going over some reasons why you are ugly. I’m just kidding you not ugly at all quite opposite I personally think that you are a handsome son of bitch but if you’re not careful you could become a ugly a whole lot less handsome in the very near future and there are some specific reasons. Why I so today I’d like to go over some reasons why you could potentially age horribly.

Reason number -One  You smoke or do drug I’m not gonna get into the whole it’s not healthy for you drugs are bad crack cocaine kill i’m not a doctor but i do however know that smoking doing drugs ages you like nothing ages you worse than doing those two things. People that do drugs and smoke cigarettes look like shit they are wrinkled for days not to mention the color of their teeth yellow disdain disdained I disdain stained teeth I also am NOT a big fan of tooth loss decay bringing us the ugly.

Reason number -Two  which is not taking care of teeth I’ve said it once I’ve said it a thousand time most of us were not born with perfect teeth but this doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t keep once we have clean and hygienic regular trips to the dentist is going to be your best bet go in for regular cleaning regular regular -regular cleaning  every six month they are also going to know if something’s up with your teeth or gums and if your grill is super jacked right you may want to consider braces veneers implants there are options out there now are the option inexpensive no may you need to save up get a second job in order to take care of your teeth yes is it worth it absolutely you are too amazing not to smile.

Reason number -Three   You eat like………. have you ever heard the saying we are what we eat well if you are eating crappy food high in saturated fat sodium processed nonsense you are going to turn into that body your skin and everything is going to suffer the consequences of you eating like crap gentleman eating healthy a clean diet relatively clean that doesn’t mean don’t ever have a Cheeto but gentleman speaking you should strive to eat a healthy diet that is well balanced and full of all the good stuff and the little bit of the bad stuff but not to much.

Reason number – Four    You don’t exercise there is direct correlation between you moving your ass and you good but this doesn’t mean you have to join the gym this just mean that you should strive to be active every single day get out there walk run jog do some push-ups get that heart rate pumping not only will you feel incredible you look amazing and keep that body beautiful.

Reason number – Five     You don’t take care of your skin means a protect it when you go outside and the harmful rays cuz those bad boys will bead your skin up like bad like what bad bad I’m telling you thing you should do develop a solid skincare routine there are some basic things and basic products that you should be using on a daily basis in order to maintain your youthful good looks and glow wash your face twice a day morning and night remove the oil dirt grime all the build-up nastiness you should also be exfoliating twice a week exfoliation is removing all the dead old skin and bringing new healthy lively fresh skin and collagen to the surface moisturize in the morning and moisturize at night. These steps keep you looking good into the future.


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  1. This is all so true! Also, stress can really ruin someone’s looks, so avoiding that as much as possible helps someone to preserve their attractiveness. I swear by yoga, meditation and walks in the country to help keep my stress levels down.


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