Eren’s Challenge, E003, ‘Golden Company Hour’

Eren’s Challenge

By Kenneth Shumaker

Episode 003 ‘Golden Company Hour’

With InUPress

July 25, 2017

Eren’s Challenge

 In Kenneth Shumaker’s Eren’s Challenge, we enter the world of the robotics research technician, a mature human male, Eren. During Eren’s 5th Galaxy Palcard sector journey, he encounters hazards with his friend, Esmelda, the mature human female who is an ambassador’s administrator. The pair struggle with adventures and dramatic developments while in the metropolitan industrial trade city of Goral, on the planet of the Krenar. Here, they fight with bureaucrats and the Hean priestly hierarchy.

Previously in episode 002, ‘Yellow Dog Year’ …

Things were not what Eren was expecting when he returned home. He found his love shackled to a desk chair, with two thugs overseeing his home.

Eren was then escorted to an alien’s abode for a discussion?

We now continue with episode 003, ‘Golden Company Hour’ on …

Lezmor 1 of RD 78

 I’m standing here in this fortified iridium glass office looking at the mature seven-foot yellow humanoid female hound. Angel is a gnoll from the Gornel tribe of the Hobnoel planetary system. She dresses in brightly dyed leather garments, more akin to armour than clothing. The gnoll’s technology and social structures far surpass our own in many aspects, except for space flight. Though the gnolls had space flight when we discovered them, we had developed our Stardrive before they developed theirs.

A year after making the first contact, sixteen years ago, the Stardrive crew brought six gnolls back with them. I think our government regrets this dreadful act.

The rogue thug mogul, Angel, rules her mob with a steel fist and will bite off any hand feeding her if she doesn’t like the manner in which she’s being fed.

I tread lightly with Angel, pushing on her staff slightly instead.

Lieutenant Unhrah is a rare old female gnoll in our system, as she actually grants me a modicum of respect for my brazen attitude toward most gnolls. Though I’m sure, she’ll as easily bite me as well if I anger her. I learned that the gnolls refer to their respected elders as Pargon. I use the term freely with Unhrah even when pushing her buttons.

With her half bark/ half human speech called the New Garan speech, Angel utters, “Eren, you’re late!”

I bow deeply and then standing straight, I half raise my left arm in the respectful gnoll warrior salute. I reply, “Pargon Angel, I am late because I had to finish my shift at corporate work.”

Angel waves off my excuse. I learnt some time ago, during our eight years of knowing each other, that Angel doesn’t tolerate excuses. “Tell me what you know about the tax audit manager, Havar, from Central Governance.”

Oops, she’s asking me about someone I know nothing about, which is bad news for me. I may just become food after all. I look at the half eaten human leg which lays left in the middle of her dining table, and I sweat a little less. The blood is still fresh, indicating she just ate. Maybe she’s in a good mood right now; I still haven’t discovered how to tell.

Looking at Es, I turn back to Angel. “Give me a day, and I’ll give you a report.”

Thumping the desk hard, there is a resounding thud that vibrates the glass flooring. Angel growls, and then utters, “So, you know nothing.”

Nervously, Es blurts out, “He’s the third manager from the top of his taxation department. We’ve had a couple run-ins with him and his department. A year ago, my assistant was buried under documentation for two weeks by him.”

Gazing at Es, and drooling slightly, Angel licks her lips with her long thick tongue. She eyes Es for several moments. Standing, she walks around the Ambassador’s administrative assistant. I feel my skin becoming moist as sweat seeps out of my pores. My synth-suit is going to need the sonic shower for sure.

“You speak to me like you’re familiar, little one, yet I know not you. Tell me.” Grumbles Angel, slavering near Es, walking circles around her.

Holding steady, Es patiently answers. “I am the administrative assistant to Ambassador Uiora of Earl Ferent, Earl of West Lestoria.”

Nodding, our sweet Angel returns to her chair, waving us out as she orders, “Ten K credits for your complete report in two days, with reporting from both of you.”

By, Kenneth Shumaker

To be continued in the next episode 004, ‘Year’s Aqua Ass’ …

Well, things went a lot easier than usual at Angel’s. But, as Eren and Es were leaving, Eren detected the gears behind Angel’s scheming eyes were working and conniving.

Now he has a job to do before the third of Lezmor, or they forfeit both his and Es’ life.

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