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A Look Inside My Paso Robles City Library

I practically grew up in the library when I was a child. I lived within walking distance of the Bellflower branch of the Los Angeles County Public Library. After I graduated from high school, I knew the library and the librarian there so well that she hired me to work there part time while I attended Cerritos Junior College near my home.

Now I live near two beautiful libraries within a few minutes from my home. Our cities here are close together, so I have access to both the Atascadero library and the Paso Robles Library, which is closer to me. Today I’ll give you a short tour of my local library. How does it compare to yours?


What do you think?

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  1. I think it’s good when we have books that collect only dust to offer to libraries. For example, from the houses of deceased relatives who sell, and the books go for recycling. Perhaps somewhere somebody needs our book with an old edition.

  2. My library has always been my second home.The nearest library from my home is some 10 Kilometers away.I liked both the libraries near you.What surprised me is the aquarium and the puzzle pieces for the children. All the photos of the libraries and the park are beautiful.

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