The Old Carnegie Library Building in City Park (1/16)

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The back of this old library faces toward the new library.  This building is now used to store archives of Paso Robles city history. People often sit on the front steps to rest or wait for someone. Sometimes people perform on these steps or make presentations during public events. 


  1. The old library looks nice from the outside, but inside it was very dark, and the children’s department in the basement was even darker. It was also very crowded. The new library has more open space and is full of light.

  2. Those Libraries are real nice looking. The ones here in Brooklyn are not quite like that. Except for the main branch here in Brooklyn. It is a big building and makes all the other branches here look small. The one by me, basically around the corner from me, is mostly a modern one. And it is only a few years old. I keep telling myself that I will be going back to the library more often but I never wind up doing it. I need to start.

    • I accidentally downvoted your comment when I was trying to hit the reply button. I had already upvoted it. Sorry. I can’t get rid of the downvote. I’ve never eavesdropped on anyone sitting on those steps. I did watch a concert there during the Central Coast Railroad Festival one year. When we used to have the Festival of the Arts they would auction off paintings there.