The Library Aquarium: An Experience Everyone Can Enjoy (5/16)

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You see this aquarium at the entrance to the children’s department, but those out in the hallway can also see it. Look past the fish through the other side of the glass and you will see the checkout desk. As children watch the fish, they might have questions. It’s only a short walk to a shelf with a book that might answer them. There’s also someone sitting at the children’s library desk who can help a child find the right book. 


  1. That is a nice touch. A giant fish tank for the kids. I like Libraries. But I never seem to have that as the main thought in my mind these days.

  2. Awesome! I think the aquarium is an amazing feature to have in a library. They are very relaxing. Sadly, we do not have aquariums in our libraries on the Eastern Shore of Virginia.