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Here’s what the Balkans differ from other nations!

Many things, for the Balkans, are quite normal, while people in the rest of the world are somewhat strange.In this witty text, it is described what Balkan families differ from others.

1. You had to share your room with someone else until you were 27 years old.

2. Everything you eatย  has a onion and garlic.

3.Whenever you travel, your suitcases are the biggest.

4. You come to a celebration with two hours of delay and you think it’s quite normal.

5. Your children have nicknames that have nothing to do with their real name.

6. When you leave to someone home, you speak for another hour at the door.

7. Mom says you’re very skinny, even if you have 5 kg. more.

8. The house is full of medicines, made of plants that your parents brought from the village.

9. Your friends and you were thrown out of the restaurant at least once because you were too loud.

10. Do not use the dishwasher, because it’s easier for you to wash them manually.

11.You have a doily on the table and shelves.

12. You do not use scales when you make cakes, but you put the ingredients “roughly”.

13. Your mother calls you every day to ask if you’ve been eating, even though you have not lived with her for a long time.

14. It’s perfectly normal for your wedding to be 600 guests.

15. You believe that your destiny is “written” in a cup of coffee.

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    • Yes, we are different from the rest of the world. The Balkans are wonderful people.They have a strange habit. They do not like much, although they are very similar ..But, when a catastrophe happens, they all become one…When everything passes, and returns to normal .. they do not ,,like,, each other again …and in fact, they are all the same.

    • We also have superstitions … and that is the inevitable way of our lives.for example … we knock in the tree three times ..not to hear devil..hah..if you hear something bad ..move away from the place..will not happen to us something ..

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