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Time Off ~ 365 Photos Challenge #136

Adapting to all changes and advances around us is essential and fundamental to surviving and sustaining life. Nevertheless, self-adjustment is not an extension of a willingness to be a slave of change, in a contemporary context; not a continuing whip as a slave of technology, especially gadgets.

For that, especially to keep happiness and peace based on an eternal, at least once a year, alone, I go into the room, turn off the lights to put myself in total darkness, stop eating and drinking and others for three full days, seventy-two full hours. It is similar to Nyepi Day which is actually a Hindu New Year celebration based on the Caka calendar, which began in AD 78. This is a form of fasting and abstinence as did the Catholics during Lent, or also the ummah before Eid. In particular, this fasting is like a recapitulation of my daily meditation or meditation as a lifestyle.

The purpose of this three-day special fast is to cleanse the small realm (human nature/microcosmos) and at the same time maintain harmony with the Great Nature/macro cosmos (universe). It is an attempt to self-denial, and the intention to unite a bit of sacrifice and also to pray for salvation and world peace. All that is done by meditation to drown themselves in love and peace. That’s why I have been inactive for the past three days.

The photo above is a picture of my daughter with her mobile phone in the car when we’ve gone out for dinner after I closed my fasting.

If you curious and eager to participate in this challenge, here are the rules and guidelines to join.

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