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Texture ~ 365 Photos Challenge #130

The texture is a particular quality of a surface that arises as a result of a 3-dimensional structure. As a visual element that shows the material surface taste is real or pseudo. A rather regular texture can be called a pattern. All material things have texture, deeper, even taste or sense have texture.

Pineapples, avocados as the natural product, and a mug of man-made objects each have their own textures. All three are also commonplace in our lives. It is so common until we don’t notice that all three things, like everything material objects, are miniatures of the universe, as Earth, and including ourselves, both the texture of being, composition and elements. Pineapple is even so close to sacred geometry that shows the mathematical structure of the universe.

If there is an interest in diving, sorting out skin and content, matter and essence more deeply, we may also be more moved to understand our essence as a human being, behind the matter of wrapping, in each layer of consciousness having a certain texture. The real texture is available as an entrance to our essence, our real life or our spirituality. Why is this important? Spirituality with or without religion and religiousness is a fundamental thing of who we are as human beings. The prevalence of this construction in all societies throughout the historical record and its impact on every aspect of society demonstrates the value and importance of this thing. These core are unique qualities for human experience. The centrality of the spiritual dimension reflects beliefs, effects, and behaviors that are even related to the basic hunger or spiritual desire for self-transcendence that all individuals can experience. Do we have felt or realized the texture of ourselves behind this physical and mental self?

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  1. I had to laugh when I got to Ellies comment. I was feeling the same way, and I am hungry for pineapple now. I have two growing but no fruits yet.
    Your words are always so profound. Yes I have peeled back the skin to look inside. Sometimes willingly and sometimes pushed into it. Wonderful words of wisdom here. I am still hungrrrrryyy..

  2. You offer so much food for thought, but I am a simple person and I am actually craving pineapples now. But seriously, I like the expression “spirituality with or without religion”. Thank you for sharing meaningful and thought-provoking posts!

    • I’ll peel a pineapple for you right now, Ellie.
      I appreciate your seriousness about the expression, and, whatever point of view you use to like that expression but to me, spirituality is not at all identical with religion because with or without one’s religion can be very spiritual with full awareness. Thanks a lot for your appreciation, my friend

  3. Absolutely I know about the many layers on our minds and is so important to know for our well being. I carefully peel mine back every chance I get to try to work on the stress!