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Retro ~ 365 Photos Challenge #125

My brother in law is a fan and collector of retro cars and motorcycle. This is one of two old Toyota Corollas that has managed to rebuilt by him.

He is very persistent and diligent to do all the long-time rebuilt processes, such as to find or order all the original components required from various sources. Then after the rebuild project was completed, the car was only used occasionally, probably no more than five times a year.

Really, that’s amazing for me. I mean, as an automotive enthusiast, remote control toys, etc. he often does anything that sometimes makes me amazed or wonder. So it is with all the collection; whether it’s a vehicle, a toy, or replicas.

Sometimes, behind that admiration, I asked him innocently, “don’t you care about the money you have to spend on it?”. Sometimes he reverses ask, “That’s the consequences of a hobby, right? How much time and money do you spend on your bonsai and suiseki?”

Usually, I am just smiling or laughing in responding. Is the pretext of bonsai and suiseki not as expensive as a vehicle work?

If you curious and eager to participate in this challenge, here are the rules and guidelines to join.


What do you think?


    • Yes, Coach. I think, we have the same dream, and that dream also has the same fate on us. It seems that the pull of other talents or concerns is stronger so we do not realize the dream, at least that’s the excuse.

      • That is an interesting thought, i’ve often heard people who are famous (singers) that wished they were athletes and vice versa. The happiness we all seek lies in accepting who we are, and building on that!

        • Basically, everyone has a lot of dreams, interests, passions, and desires but there is a certain stronger talent (and everything that is behind it as the secret of life) so that certain talents, whether consciously or unconsciously, find its outlets, either by development or like “coincidental”. It’s like Johnny Depp, you, me and many others.

  1. I thought that only my great son who is 39 years old I have this passion or hobby. Purchase more toys with a remote. Crazy money is spending. By the way, he’s a car painter. When I make a note tells me. Well, with your cameras and accessories you do not spend more than me. Everyone has a hobby.

    • You are right. Everyone has their hobbies and passions. It’s just as you have said, your hobby and I are much cheaper; photo painting, writing etc. Maybe bonsai and suiseki are relatively expensive, can even reach the price of the car, but that is if we buy the ready made and if we make it ourselves is cheap even free.