Cry ~ 365 Photos Challenge #127

Susie cried. Well, surely the tears are not out of sadness but because of the lacrimation that serves to clear the cornea of the eye and keep it moist.

To my knowledge, and I am sure that cats or animals tear out not because of emotion but because of the system of their body. Only humans weep because of the emotions they experience.

I’m sure we all, humans, have ever cried. Even if we are so strong and strong emotionally today, whether because of emotional intelligence or not, at least we have cried because of our emotions in our childhood.

Then, what usually makes us cry? Of course, because our emotions are moved, but who and what we cry for, the story in the movie? ourselves? or those we care about? Certainly! That’s normal. Usual,  for various reasons. But have we ever cried because of the circumstances of others, weeping so sadly because of the fate of others as we weep for something that hurt our feelings so much and such? Perhaps even the sorrow and pain of those we do not like, we hate, because maybe their bad attitude comes from all the wounds in their hearts and minds?

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What do you think?


  1. Tears are very therapeutic. I know a lot of males who think it is a sign of weakness. Not true. In fact, it is better to cry if you are emotional about something than to hold it in.