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Sky Sunday – Sunset In Sonoma County California

Sunsets in Sonoma County California can often be spectacular. With the ocean close by, and the low clouds coming off the sea, sunsets in Sonoma County are often well worth looking to the west for. Here is an excellent example and not that uncommon. 

As the sun sets we think of nothing as we enjoy a spectacle that changes continually and lasts a short time. Everything pauses and we just watch as the day ends. Now it is time to go dancing, ….

Happy ‘Sky Sunday’ everyone! May the coming week be spectacular for you. 


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    • The exposure is a little on the low side. You can tell by the blue part of the sky that has turned a little purple. This does make the color of the sunset slightly more pronounced but the correct exposure is not significantly different. I don’t like to use “brilliance” or increasing the “vibrance”. Sometimes I lower the exposure one stop for rainbows which helps them be more visible. I try to stay close to what I see and the camera won’t always catch that without a teeny adjustment. And the sunsets change minute to minute. I try to catch a good moment.

    • I like your sunrise pictures. Sometimes here the sunrise has color if the clouds are in the right place. Just before the sun reaches the horizon sometimes the color is wonderful.
      Thank you so much for stopping in.

    • It is a nice break. – It is short but long enough to take some space and watch. It’s a nice time of day I always thought. A time of change – Now that I’ve moved there is no more stepping out my door to check sunsets. I’m glad I took pictures. Have a great week. 🙂

    • There were some good sunsets there. Especially if a storm was out in the Pacific and would hit in 8 hours or so. The leading thin clouds were great! Most of the summer was not so good but the Spring and Fall.

    • I’m up late again. I had a family thing and played WII Boxing with an eight year old. I don’t recommend this.
      I need to get a wacky wednesday post of some kind. I have a lot of contenders. I may dig into the way back. On Tsu there was aTrippyTuesday thing. … and I need to view and comment on many things.

      • I don’t know where this if I comment, you have to comment crap came from on Virily. I love your stuff. If you run out of time, I don’t care! I still love your stuff and read it (and in your case and Alex’s case view it) because it makes me happy.

        Read when you can. Comment if you want to.

        No rules on my part that says you have to comment if I comment!!!!!


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