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Signs ~ 365 Photos Challenge #116

To continue the 365 photo challenges, I searched for something appropriate to be captured and displayed as a picture for today. Because today I have been gathering with my siblings in the oldest sister’s house then I decided to photograph the turn signal lamp of my brother-in-law Harley motorcycle.

I’m sure you really understand how important this turn signal lamp is, at least we do not need to scream as loud as we can in every turn, and therefore I will take the essence of “signs” for something that can also be symbolized by this stuff.

Life is full of phenomena, it’s just not all the phenomena that occur is to teach the values of truth, at least indirectly. Sometimes there is something that is just a drama that must clearly be selected deeper so that the true value is found. To learn something in the universe also we need a basic concept called a point of view. This is what affects the good of our argument about something.

There are so many signs that can be read from everything even though it must be selective and critical of listening to it all. Basically in any event that has been, is and will be going on around us there is always something to be learned. Even in adverse events, there is a meaning that brings moral and spiritual messages to our lives. It really depends on your point of view. Medium point of view itself is determined by the knowledge and insight owned. Therefore, we must always learn and progress from the learning outcomes and more importantly gain insight from these signs.

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  1. Denise Lynn – Every second, the universe whispers something to us. The wind brings to us its messages. There is a great wisdom in the morning songs of the birds and in the soft whisper of the sea. Even the usual life events carry the news of the spiritual world.

    They are everywhere we need to see and understand.

  2. Interesting Albert, reading signs are important in life. Road signs, weather signs and other signs. Sometimes we don’t know what to look for in reading the signs. It pays to live simply and take each day as it comes.

    • Thank you, Pamela. I enjoy reading signs as a “way of understanding” in different attitudes; obedience, enjoy the story of life, learn to see clearly, also to always be aware, alert and ready to accept whatever comes in life.