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Belt ~ 365 Photos Challenge #113

The belt has been used for men and women since the Bronze Age. In modern times, people began wearing belts since the 1920s, so that the trousers he wore did not sag. Prior to that, the belt was only worn for decoration, and much attributed to the military.

In Indonesia, we have a term that is often spoken at a certain time, “Tighten the belt”. Have you ever heard of this term? That certainly does not mean dieting in order our waist or belly to be smaller. In the financial world, this means is to tighten spending alias make savings.

Why analogy using a belt anyway? Because when we talk about the waste usually starts from the stomach aka food. But that was before, in the past… Now anyway all things can also be made wasteful. Abdominal affairs there are wasteful, clothing affairs, facial care, even the education of children can be there is something wasted in it. As for me the term also means preparing for, whatever, lifting weight stuff or life burden, fighting hard to win the game of course with careful planning and maximal effort, and being concerned about living life.

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