Connected ~ 365 Photos Challenge #162

While enjoying a cup of coffee with my wife and some organizers in the lobby, one of them asked?

“What are the signs that we are connected to our souls, or in other words the sign that someone has been enlightened? I mean how can I see that someone has experienced enlightenment?”

Ha! Interesting question.

In fact, you are asking two different questions. For the first question, if you are not connected to your soul, your real owner, you will not talk to me here. But, realizing that you are not your identity, or what you have and in what position, all the grief and joy you have experienced and remembered, but as the soul, it is a different matter.

Can we see that someone has been enlightened? Could be yes, it could also not. First, depending on the ability of our own eyes, whether able to see or not. Secondly, is the role of an enlightened person allowing himself to be seen or recognized or not. Someone who has been enlightened can be anyone, a person who looks great, or just a beggar who we consider contemptible. Again, it depends on our eyes. Anyway, why do you want to see the signs of others, and not want to see yourself experiencing enlightenment?

“Ummm… What about you? Have you experienced it already?”

Hzzz… I’m just a speaker.

If you want to join, here is all about 365 Photos Challenge and I am on Day 16.


What do you think?


  1. You are a speaker. I am a listener in a transportable sense because we do not speak directly. But I always read the writing, which gives me questions I look for the answer to.

  2. I think that I can tell if someone has been enlightened. Their enlightened soul can’t help but shine positive things. Their appearance would have to almost look glowing, and full of positive energy. is that right professor lol?