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Waiting ~ 365 Photos Challenge #114

While waiting for the food we ordered delivered, my wife and two daughters spent time with their gadgets.

Before sunrise, night reached the peak of its darkness. Waiting, that’s what I’m talking about this time.

We all must have waited for something, and also must ever have been awaited. Everything we wait can give you different feelings, depending on what or who’s waiting, what we believe, why, how important, and how long. However, everyone has a certain principle or attitude in waiting.

It does not feel and has just passed away, for those who are constantly on the move and working hard.

Feels passing quickly, for those who are putting together jokes and happiness together.

Feels moving backward, for those who are trapped and trapped by a dark past.

Feels normal, for those who are relaxing without any purpose.

And… feels so long, for those who are waiting.

Waiting is the main cause that makes the time seem to be slowing down or even feeling motionless at all. As a process, then, similar to other processes, there will be many things going on inside it. “A lot of things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who work hard.”, so Einstein says about it.

What is the result of the waiting process? It could be a certainty or uncertainty, as always, realized that as we are in a duality. Just as it has been going on for some week lately in Virily for us, right?

Waiting also an art, then what is needed to work and produce something through this art?

The moment of waiting can also be viewed as a purification process of motivation. In the wait, people’s motivations are tested in time. Only sincere and true motivation can pass the test.

Not surprisingly, many ancient cultural traditions ask people to meditate, fast, and pray before they embark on a mission that is considered noble. Great things only happen to those who are prepared to patiently and steadfastly wait. But…

Hmm… In the essence,

I’m not waiting for anything, not anyone.


Waiting does not need something to wait right?

Waiting needs to believe, believing that the awaited is there

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What do you think?


  1. Waiting depends on the situation if it is a good thing or not! Waiting on signs from loved ones who have passed it always worth the wait.

  2. Waiting for me is tiresome and nervous. It violates my rhythm. If you want to achieve something in this life, you can not just sit and wait for it to happen. You have to do something! My life experience tells you that if you just sit, nothing will happen. – Chuck Norris