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Pink Sedum ~ Color Crazy

Kim Johnson has started a Color Crazy challenge. You can see the link here that explains the simple rules Kim’s Color Crazy Challenge purple and PINK.

Pink Sedum in my deck garden. I love this plant. It is of course a perennial. I cut it back at the end of summer, leave it in the garage, bring it back out in the spring, and tah-dah the blooms slowly return. It is magical. And I would recommend this low maintenance plant to anyone. Just give it plenty of sunshine and water and it should thrive. Nature is so therapeutic. It can take you to a different level, allowing you to forget your problems for a little while.

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Written by Carol DM


  1. There’s something about sedum flowers that in general doesn’t appeal to me, although this one is pretty! But I value the plant most for providing yummy texture-ful slightly astringent addition to a salad by way of its leaves. I also like its common name ‘stonecrop’ 🙂

  2. Boy, that one has a gorgeous color! Mine are red, and stay green all year. That’s fantastic that it can go dormant when it has to. I did not know this.
    The photograph is really good as well. : D