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Color Crazy Challenge – Week 6 – Purple and Pink!

Hello everyone. Next week will be purple and PINK for the colors. You can post anything to do with these colors. 

A favorite photo? Something pink laying around the house? Perhaps some facts about the colors, a song, or your artwork? These are all some of the things others have been posting. I love all the ideas you all have been coming up with, thank you keep it up!

1. Post purple or pink. 

2.  Use the words, ” color crazy” in the title.

3. Post your entry in the Challenges section. 

4. Use the hashtag colorcrazy so all the entries will be in one place and easy to find. 

For those who would like to join in it’s easy. Each week I introduce a new color to go along with the previous week’s color.. So this week we have purple and pink. You have one more week to post purple, and two new weeks of pink. 

Let’s color Virily! 

Have fun and remember to go check out the tag for all the other Color Crazy Ideas! 


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Written by Kim_Johnson


    • I am so sorry that purple was a few weeks ago. This week until Monday we are featuring pink. Monday will start off with Black and Whites, color seperation, or selective color.
      All you have to do is make a post, put it in the Challenges section, tag #colorcrazy and put Color Crazy in the title. I hope you do decide to join in. Purple will roll around again, I follow the colors of the rainbow.

  1. Hmmmm pink…I have to admit it is my least favorite color along with red hahaha pink is too cute and too girly for my personality lol and red has that “look at me, LOOK AT ME” appeal haha but it does not mean I cannot find you lotsa pink to participate in this Week-6 activity. Have a great day dear kind lady ?

    • Do you have an clothes with the PINK Brand? They are not always pink. I have to agree with you on pink. I was always horrified as a child if someone bought me pink clothes, and red, lol yes. LOOK AT ME!! I prefer blues, greens and PURPLE! Remember that purple is still in the race this week along with pink. Can’t wait to see what you find!

      • I started writing my blog but I have no wifi connection right now and my data is too slow for photos to upload. But I will post before the week ends. Still a smorgasbord of pinks. I like black, blue and purple (as you do) and with green, I go for the darker shade that looks black. Not sure if we have Pink brand here altho I sure love Pink the singer haha

        • You would like the brand. It fits your personality. Check it out. PINK, lol Oh and yes PINK the singer is such a great roll model for our younger generation, and I love her voice. Sorry about the wifi and uploading time. You do have an eye for color, and have great photos, hopefully you can post some soon. : )

  2. My one daughter’s favorite color is pink. I love pink but my favorite color is emerald green. Hey you photo challenge posters, why not try to find some emerald green photos.