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Perch ~ Just for Fun Challenge Week 3

Kim Johnson  is continuing her challenge Just for Fun Week 3. Click the link to see her guidelines for this week. They are simple. Post about anything man made. (Anything that doesn’t happen in nature.)


I am sharing a hummingbird sitting on a man made perch on my deck. It was made from a drum stick. The hummingbirds don’t seem to mind. The feeder is to the far left (not in this photo). They will sit on the perch for hours looking back and forth for other hummingbirds. They do not like to share the nectar in the feeder. Even though there are five feeding stations, they want it all for themselves. They are so tiny but so very territorial. I cannot wait for their return in the spring. I always put up at least two feeders, sometimes three. They are so entertaining to watch. Nature has so much to offer.

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  1. Woah, what a great shot! It looks similar to our Anna’s Hummingbirds. They are fun to watch and are very aggressive when protecting their feeding spots. lol So much fun to watch I love them. Thank you for posting this for the challenge, it’s perfect. : D

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